Insel Metin

Insel Metin

Studio Owner and Certified Bikram Yoga Instructor

Insel is a native of Turkey, born in a tent in the desert, and he has adopted the US as his home since 1980. 
He is the proud father of Tyler, Pearl, and Zack. He is a devotee of Rumi and the Mevlevi Order.

12 years ago, Insel weighed 245 lbs. and was unable to do any sports due to soccer injuries that required 9 knee surgeries.  He used to smoke 2 packs of cigarettes a day.  Then, he attended his first Bikram class during which he passed out in Tuladandasana!  However, he was immediately bitten by the yoga bug.  The intense and challenging practice left him feeling alive, vibrant, and humbled.   He has been practicing a minimum of 6 times per week since then, and he has realized that opening the body is the same as opening the mind. He is very grateful for the privilege of playing on the mat.

Insel has competed in Bishnu Gosh International competitions. He has studied with and been certified by other Calcutta Bishnu Gosh Lineage Hatha Yoga instructors such as Tony Sanchez and Jimmy Barkan.  Insel also studied with Neva Ingals to become a Flow RYT 200 Hr. certified instructor.

In 2008, Insel left a stressful, corporate job to dedicate himself to his family and yoga. He completed Bikram Teacher Training in the fall of that year.   His goal is to help students along their journey to health and happiness.  He firmly believes that strength, flexibility and focus are important for a balanced, healthy, and spiritual lifestyle.