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Hot Yoga Tysons is a state-of-the-art studio offering over 40 classes a week to benefit the mind, body, and spirit in a spacious, sterile, and environmentally friendly space. Indeed, the health of our students is of the utmost importance, and we employ top of the line technology that eliminates toxins, bacteria, mold, and mildew to ensure our studio stays a hygienic place to open the body and mind.  Here are some of the technology features our studio utilizes:

  • clean airOur heating and steam humidifier system is energy efficient and clarifies the air students breathe.  UVC air sanitizers in stainless steel heating ducts kill odors and airborne bacteria.  To further ensure cleanliness, we also installed plasma air ionization equipment in the ductwork.  This equipment produces ionized oxygen molecules that kill airborne bacteria and neutralize odors.  Our lungs are able to absorb oxygen more efficiently from clean, ionized air, further enhancing the health and well-being of our students.
  • ventilationOur studio employs an Energy Recovery Ventilation System to keep air fresh and mitigate energy waste.  Indeed, it is a balancing act to keep air fresh and the studio well ventilated while not wasting excessive energy.  However, our ventilation system ensures this delicate balancing act can occur.  It captures at least 70 percent of the heat or coolness of outgoing air, saving on energy use.  It also helps balance the proper circulation of clean, fresh air as well as humidity levels to ensure respiratory passages are never irritated by stale air or too little humidity.  Moreover, utilization of this ventilation system means air in the hot room is never recycled – only the heat is.
  • cleanlinessWe put in Flotex flooring, which is used in many hospital emergency rooms.  The flooring is sanitized with a highly effective anti-microbial treatment, and it offers constant protection against bacteria.  Moreover, the flooring is waterproof and, unlike regular carpet, has a rubber base so sweat and spills never seep all the way through and can be easily extracted.
  • fresh-airWe installed Carbon Dioxide sensors in the hot room to maintain consistent levels of fresh air in the studio.  No matter how many people are in class, the atmosphere will never feel oppressive because fresh, purified air is constantly cycled into the yoga room.

We have two mirrored hot rooms.  The large studio is 2,000 square feet, and we use our smaller, 600 square foot studio for private lessons and small group classes.  Additionally, we have spacious changing rooms and shower facilities for use before and after class.  Our lobby and hallways have plenty of benches and places to chat so our students can catch up and form a sense of community around their yoga practice. 

We also have ample surface parking right in front of the studio, and there are an additional 1,500 parking spaces in the garage directly below the studio. Parking is free of charge.

Come sweat with us and see for yourself – Hot Yoga Tysons is a studio unlike any other!